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Keith Burke - Narrow It Down to What We Need (single)

Veteran Dublin Songwriter Keith Burke has released three original albums. His debut "The Dancer who Stole your Shoes" achieved critical success in 2004 receiving the Hotpress "Pick of the fortnight". On the strength of it his band were invited to play a series of televised concerts in Italy and later three dates in the 2005 Guinness Cork Jazz festival. The album had national radio play on RTE 1 and NewsTalk, as well as many regional radio stations.

In 2007 he recorded his second album, inviting musicians to play such as renowned blues pianist Salvatore Urbano and world-famous saxophonist, the late John Earle. "No One Wants to Move" was launched in May of 2008 and again tracks from the album received play on national Irish radio, were selected as Tony Fentons “daily download” and were used for the credits on a TV show on Setanta Sports. Keith’s music is often played on songwriter themed radio shows such as Peter Grogan’s “It’s all in the song” on Dublin City Fm. In Bavaria, Germany, touring band “Mac C&C Celtic Four” regularly close their energetic live shows with Keith’s song “Love and Romans”. 2016 saw the release of “These Boys”, Keith’s third album, recorded by Gavin Glass in Orphan Studio and featuring his long-time friends and live-musicians Sinead Madden (Fiddle), Anja Kuncic (Piano) and Dave Mooney (Bass). “These Boys” led to concerts in (and being invited back to) Pittsburgh USA, Cairo Egypt and Beirut Lebanon.
In 2018 he released the single “Every seaside town” and moved to spend a year in Milan Italy. He played several shows locally, flying in Irish musicians to join him and set to work writing the songs that make up the bulk of his upcoming album. Since his return to Dublin, he’s played
support to Irish bands Bagatelle and Aslan several times, as well as hosting his own showcase concerts. He has written, arranged and with the help of producer Anthony Gibney, has recorded songs for the new album in Audioland Studios in Lexlip. Singles “I’ll begin this letter” and “Before you go” have been well received and played on national and regional radio stations in Ireland and the UK.  “Narrow it down to what we need” is the third from the new album.

There is a strong country feel throughout this latest release. The lyrics are honest, life observing, relatable and you uncover more layers with each listen. The feeling of maturity is inescapable as you listen. Because once you are mature enough, you know what you want in life and where you're going and this seems to be the message Burke presents with this song. Getting rid of the unnecessary and realizing what truly matters. The personal video makes the song but more importantly the artist more accesible to the audience who feels like they know him now that they got a glimpse of his life.

"If we hold on to one another and put our faith in something new"

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