Music from the Heart

John Winters - So Down (single)

Irish based Filipino John Winters (20 years old),  currently residing in Dublin is a full time Student Nurse at Trinity College Dublin and is also a Musician/Producer. John says ‘My music career is just about ready to start with my debut single entitled “So Down” ‘’. John Winters is quite new to the music scene. However, he did open for former American Idol Star Jessica Sanchez when she played her show in Dublin (2018).

The pop song with a familiar club vibe shows Winters as a promising lyricist who will blossom when he spends more time on the scene and gains more experience. He's got distinctive voice and the guitar picking comes through nicely in the song. "So Down"  is a solid debut of an artist who starts to find his place in the industry.

"Been bending backwards just to find myself

pushing me close to another bottle

when I'm supposed to be closer to love"

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