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John Winters - Forget About It (single)

Irish based Filipino John Winters (20 years old), currently residing in Dublin is a full time Student Nurse at Trinity College Dublin and is also a Musician/Producer. He is quite new to the music scene, however, he did open for former American Idol Star Jessica Sanchez when she played her show in Dublin (2018). His debut single "So Down", released in November 2020, has amassed over 20,000 streams on Spotify and was played on multiple national radio stations incl. Beat 102/103 FM, Dublin City FM +more. He now releases his sophomore single entitled Forget About It.

The catchy melody of this mellow pop ballad will instantly get you. The words are a bit hard to understand yet watching the lyric video below may help. What remains is Winters'distinctive vocal and his capability to write mature lyrics. See an example:

" I'm spending all of my nights getting lost inside my mind with all the little things i couldn’t tell you

I’ve been tryna find a little comfort for the times when I’ve been dying just to say I’m tired of “Maybe, IDKs”,

I’m sick of waiting on my own

Been kept here waiting far too long And we know we’re too far gone to just forget about it"

This song is another sign of a rising star and bright future ahead of the young man who, without doubt, has a talent for impactful lyrics and you just anxiously wait to hear his next offering. If his two releases are anything to go by, the outlook is certainly promising. 

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