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Jim McHugh - Hey Jimbo (single)

Monaghan songwriter Jim McHugh is back with second offering from his forthcoming album Pretending to Wake Up, to be released in May 2021. The second single is called Hey Jimbo and this is what McHugh had to say about it: "Hey Jimbo center’s around the history of past relationships, not all directly my own but from we all know these stories of unrequited love. The title takes its name from my nickname ‘Jimbo’ and its as you will hear from the song its often hollered out as ‘Hey Jimboooooo’. Similar to my previous single ‘Dave’ the song evolves around the opening guitar riff and the band powerfully supports the flow of energy throughout it’.

Jim’s previous single Dave released in February 2021 was featured by Hotpress and received excellent reviews national press and blogs. Jim’s last album release ‘My Nuclear Radio’ was critically received and album single My Mandalay featured on the ‘RTÉ RADIO 1 recommends’ playlist in Nov/Dec 2019, and was the ‘LMFM All Out Local Song Choice’ for March 2019.  Single Everything’s Cool was Roddie Cleere’s ‘Song of the Week’ on KCLR in August 2018 while Avenue Road and Marjorie were widely played at home and abroad. 

The strong opening guitar riff guides us through the entire song. There is an energy streak flowing from the first chord to the last beat. Jim McHugh presents himself here as a rockstar capable of writing lyrics that are direct yet they stay with the listeners because they can identify with the story. His powerful vocals transmit all the emotions, love, desire, doubts, resentment. In the end, there is an eye-opening moment with the lines "Oh save your love, save your love for someone else"

Artwork: Oli McHugh

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