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Jemima - Things I Never Said (EP)

Songwriting began as an emotional outlet for Jemima, singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Australia, but quickly became an insatiable desire to tell stories that mean something. Her debut EP, “Things I Never Said”, is a fine example of this. The EP debuted at #1 on the iTunes singer-songwriter albums chart for Australia.Jemima’s devotion to music has been clear since she was a teenager. She would spend her weekends busking on the street and by 16-years-old, was regularly gigging around her hometown of Newcastle. She lived in her van during her late-teen years, road-tripping the east coast of Australia and playing music wherever she could. Her dog Levi came too, naturally. At 20-years-old, on a whim, Jemima decided to move to London. Just two weeks later, she was standing at Heathrow airport. She performed regularly in bars in Soho, Camden and Kensignton and on days off busked on the bussiest streets of London. She auditioned for and was accepted into the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM London), where she studied a Bachelor of Songwriting and was taught by the likes of Bernard Butler (former guitarist and lyricist for ’90s rock band Suede). She also learned piano and ukulele (she already played guitar) and took up drum lessons.

As You Are is about falling for someone but most importantly, taking them who they are without any effort of changing them. Infectiously upbeat melody topped by the saxophone will brighten any gloomy day. Jemima's vocal is crystal clear, the lyrics are honest, direct, inspirational.

Soho sounds hugely autobiographical, perhaps remiscing of Jemima's time in UK capital. Classic pop tune with the theme that's been there tons of times - girl falls for a boy but he§s got somebody else and our girl is heartbroken. It's this song the title of hte EP comes from.

Patient is different from the rest of the songs.Deeply personal evocative piano ballad where all kinds of emotions can be felt in the vocal. The songs talks about our goals, constantly pushing us forward, learning from everything that happens to us, the good and the bad, not listening to the voices inside that try to discourage us.

" I'm learning every day that I'm work in progress"

All At Once  is about the sudden realization the love you hoped for vanished in the thin air and you're left to pick up the pieces. The lyrics are sharp as a knife as Jemima sings

" My self-worth on the edge of a knife
You seem like you're coming alive
Even though it's without me "

When it Rains, It Pours Down is another pop tune, talking about a breakup and all emotions that go along. Powerful lyrics once again and we were especially struck by the line "my hear's on fire and you seem fine". As if only the singer was the one who got out of this with scars and the former lover was comfortable with the situation. Quite a few listeners will be able to relate to this as such situation is pretty familiar one,  don't you think?

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