Music from the Heart

Jape - Secret area (single)

Jape is Irish producer Richard Egan living in Sweden. Taken from the new Jape release 9K HI, Vol. 1 SECRET AREA is a gentle electronic song that invokes feelings of forgotten joy.
The music was lovingly processed using rare old samplers to invoke lost memories and a childlike sense of rediscovering the joy of creation.
SECRET AREA is accompanied by a video directed by Richard Egan that further explores these ideas.

The hypnotic sounds transport the listener into the different dimension, away from the struggles and chaos of the world we live in. Isn't this exactly what music should be about? It starts on slighly melancholic note before becoming more upbeat and joyful. the black and white imagery in the video only enhances the feeling of nostalgia and timelessness. The colourful part brings you back into the present but to the point of still remaining in an alternative world. That makes you think whether living in an alternative world wouldn't be a good idea. If only we could give it a go. That's where the dreamy part comes in again because in dreams, nothing is impossible. And the childlike desire to explore lies within.

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