Music from the Heart

James Daly - Killing Me Inside (single)

James Daly is a singer/songwriter from Dublin. His new single is called Killing Me Inside covers the story line of liking someone, but you can’t ask them out because they’re already taken. The song takes on a Country/Blues/Americana direction and was co-written by James and Keith McLoughlin. It was recorded at Beardfire Studio giving the full sound of guitars, bass, drums. James has been performing for many years on the Dublin singer-songwriter scene at the likes of The Brady’s Sessions etc.

Opening riffs transport us back in time and take us into the Mississippi delta, setting up the atmosphere for what is a bittersweet track. The prevailing heartbreak is palpable and some of the listeners can surely relate to that. Sometimes, we wait for the right time for too long till it is too late.

"Never saw myself in the eyes of someone else

Is it really for the better if I feel that we're together"

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