Music from the Heart

Jaime Orr - The Same Street (single)

Exposed to bands like AC/DC and Audioslave from a very early age, playing guitar helped Jaime Orr to overcome major speech difficulties, allowing him to express himself beyond the use of words. It was a huge turning point and is the reason he has dedicated himself to a life in music. "The instrument is why I am able to articulate words the way I do now."  His music focuses on tough themes interspersed with positive messages - soft ballad type verses influenced by John Mayer combined with hard hitting guitar riff-based choruses inspired by grunge and hard rock bands such as Royal Blood and Nirvana. 

Jaime has already played highly regarded Irish venues including Vicar Street - sharing the stage with legendary Thin Lizzy Guitarist Eric Bell. He has recently composed guitar parts as well as provided vocals for a song featured in the music documentary Mr. Dreamer [currently on GloboPlay] but Jaime's TV experience dates all the way back to 2013 with an appearance on the Late Late Toy Show at the age of twelve.

Jaime Orr's new single ''The Same Street'' is about trying to break out of restrictions of the same routine by taking more risks. The phrasing in this song seems like a tough nut to crack but Orr demonstrates his abilities. The steady drumbeat is maintained throughout the song, accompanied with electric guitar riffs.

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