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Jack Tiernan - Insecure (single)

Jack Tiernan is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter from Bealnamulla, Co. Athlone, Ireland. His first single, ‘It’s Ok’ was written and released to raise awareness and funds for mental health for Pieta House, to great success. He followed this up with ‘Broke By Love’ and ‘Meant to Cross’, the latter of which was No. 1 on the iTunes Irish Singer/Songwriter chart the week of its release. He has covered such outlets as the Athlone Advertiser, and the Westmeath Independent, and is heavily supported by local radio (Athlone Community Radio). His cover of Alexander 23’s ‘IDK You Yet’ has also achieved over 250,000 streams on TikTok. Tiernan thanks his father for supporting him on his path so far.

“The success, and his support honestly, helped me to take things more seriously. Whenever I’ve needed to go to something, no matter how far, my dad would say, ‘Alright. I’ll give you a lift.’” It’s fitting that the young artist, whose music all bears a mark of healthy humility, should be so disarming humble in thanking those who have helped him come as far as he has so far. “Insecure” marks his fourth single, ahead of his upcoming debut EP, which is planned for a late 2021 release.

Tiernan’s music draws influence from Dermot Kennedy and Clinton Kane, and has been lauded for creating “positive music” with “raw music singer/songwriting talent in abundance” (Athlone Advertiser).

His vocal tone and the overall vibe of the song remind the listener of the boy bands from the 90s, even more so given the romance mentioned in the lyrics. Tiernan seems to be a promising artist to watch out for. Everyone has to start somewhere and this song gives an initial idea about a talent that would eventually develop with time. The base is solid and with more experience it can only get better.

"I won’t forget that night I seen you in his arms for the first time underneath all of the streetlights

The way you looked at him

Brought me back in time to when we were one

When you and me were in love"

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