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J Eoin - Sunshowers

Irish singer/songwriter J Eoin, originally from Limerick, spent nearly three decades living in London before moving back to his native land last summer. He's a master guitarist and once you hear his voice, you fall in love forever. He has exactly that kind of voice that calms you down when you need it. You can enjoy J Eoin's voice to the fullest on his new album Sunshowers where it's just guitar and vocal. Seems like some songwriters were simply born to make an album like that and J Eoin is undeniably one of them.

If Time Is The River reminds you of the Irish traditional songs right away. But looks can be deceiving as this is J Eoin's original composition, inspired by the traditionals.

Beir Mi O is the only traditional song on the album, arranged by J Eoin. Sung as Gaeilge, in the Irish language. Originally a Scottish Gaelic song tells a story of a man who lost gift for music in his loneliness longing for the woman he loves until she says he was her destiny.

They say the inspiration is everywhere and the songwriter's job is to observe and to react on the surroundings. That's exactly the case of Corners in The Rain, an evocative ballad written as a reaction to the terrorist attacks in Norway in July 2011. J Eoin often travels to Norway for gigs and the country has a special place in his heart.

The Colour of Light perfectly captures everything mentioned above. In this live recording we can hear J Eoin's experience not only in guitar playing but his confidence as a performer. You believe every word he sings.

The stripped-down concept of this album only highlights the musicianship of J Eoin.  Prepare to be enchanted.


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