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Iva Ray - Common (single)

Iva Ray is a Bulgarian singer and songwriter based in Dublin who broke into the Irish music scene with the release of her single Click which premiered on BBC Radio UK. 2021 saw the successful release of her single Trouble and her first ever music video with Slick Bullet. Following on from the release of Trouble last year, Iva is set to release her next single ‘Common' which shows a different side to her music as a Valentine’s Day special.

Iva began song writing at the age of 15 and co-owned a music studio in Bulgaria with her first music producer. She moved to Ireland in 2014 and continued on her music journey where she developed her songwriting skills and began to release music into the world. Iva aims to create music that resonates with herself and her listeners while not being confined to a particular genre of music. She is currently working on her debut album which she plans to release this year.

Common' is a song created to capture the emotion of letting go and knowing when you deserve better. The song shows a different side of Iva's art and is more of a slow ballad type of song with elements of R&B and Pop. 'Common' was first recorded in 2020 and musically engineered by Slick Bullet, who Iva loves to work with. The lyrics were built around the beat and Iva says that it was very easy for her to produce the track as she felt the feeling resonated with her.

Iva explains ' You know, we all had this relationship where we believed the person is everything but in the end we realize it is all just in our imagination and we finally see clearly, I didn't write this song for a specific person, or for love. I wrote it following this feeling.'

Chilled out beats combined with Ray's soulful vocal and her hearfelt expression draw attention to this track and to Ray's vocal in particular.

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