Music from the Heart

Interference - The Sweet Spot

Centered around singer/songwriter, artist Fergus O'Farrell, Interference have been on the music scene for more than three decades and have influenced many artists in Ireland and beyond. O'Farrell sadly passed away last February but his music and legacy live on.

The band have released two albums, one is self-titled studio album and one live album, recorded in the church of St. James in Dingle as a part of Other Voices TV series. Finally there's a new one. The Sweet Spot had been in the making for about seven years. People may wonder why it took so long and one of the explanations may be that Fergus was known for seeking perfection in everything he did.

The album is a beautiful collection of well-crafted powerful songs with Fergus' voice instantly catching your heart. It's hard to pick up one or two songs that stand out, each track is unique in its own way. Dark days perfectly captures the remarkable experience of Interference playing live. American townland maybe written years ago but when you see what's happening around the world nowadays, you can't help but think there's certain prophecy in the lyrics - "stop fighting for your gods, they can't hear you now with the noise of your guns...". Something right cuts deep down, as all these songs do, they don't just stay on the surface. I'm your man tells the words every woman would love to hear from the one she loves ("I will ask for nothing, just a promise for eternity and a charge to rule your destiny"). The final track, Sail on, is taken from Other Voices, recorded in St. James' church in Dingle. An evocative piece that gets even more symbolic under the present circumstances.

Without doubt, Interference are a treasure that needs to be protected.

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