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[Indistinct Chatter] - My Mother's Star

Myles O’Reilly is a musician and an award winning music documentary filmmaker from Dublin, Ireland. Since first lifting a camera in 2010, multitasking O'Reilly has filmed, directed and edited over 100 music video promos and 20+ music documentaries of Irish musicians at home and abroad, some of which include Glen Hansard, Villagers, Imelda May, Lisa O'Neill, Ye Vagabonds, Sinead O’Connor and Lisa Hannigan alongside other International artists such as Hollywood soundtrack virtuoso Ernst Reijseger, Icelandic artists Soléy, Múm and Amiina, US soul phenomenon Janelle Monea and UK folk trio The Staves. Early life as a working musician began for Myles in 2003 with the band Juno Falls. Signed for two albums by Sony UK and then V2 records,  Juno Falls disbanded in 2010. Ten years later and in a global pandemic lockdown, Myles returned to making music and has since composed, recorded and released a plethora of works in the 'ambient' music genre under the moniker [Indistinct Chatter].

We all know music is a healing force. Its effects are indescribable, it has to be experienced to be believed. And there some unique artists capable of transporting you not only to another place but to a different time and space, all thanks to their craft. [Indistinct Chatter] is one them. It's very fitting that this collection of other-worldly soundscapes was put together by a visual artist. Every composition on the album has its distinctive vibes, smells, hidden feelings, memories.

O'Reilly is a prime example of how grief can be turned into something beautiful. After losing his mother, he poured everything into these tracks that ultimately form My Mother's Star. Evocative song titles give way to a true work of art. Raw, honest, deeply personal, with love, sadness, gratitude and hope pouring out of every note.  Like a delicious meal, there is no rush involved in the process, it simmers to perfection. Villa Cypris brings the warmth, you can almost feel the rays of sunshine of the early summer evening on your skin. In The Conservatory  the water touches your body as you dip in. As the dusk comes in, the landscape changes, the feelings change. Everything is so peaceful and you find yourself in the right place to immerse into your inner world. We already mentioned that each title has its own significance, installing an image or a feeling. Kingsriver, true to its name, makes our minds sail on a majestic watercourse, connected with nature.

My Mother's Star is a labour of love showing fragility and vulnerability and turning it into an art in its purest form.

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