Music from the Heart

Iann Brennan - Keep The Tape Rolling (EP)

This is a debut EP from Dublin singer/songwriter Iann Brennan who has been writing songs and performing from a young age. Playing in many bands through the years, he has built up an experience that shows itself when you see him live. Iann has gone from being nominated for Best Irish New-Comer Award by Pure M Magazine to supporting legends such as Aslan, Mary Coughlan, Dick Valentine, Kíla and Declan O’Rourke.

Right from the start you get the feeling not only this man knows something about music but at the same time the way the record is put together isn't amateur. He knows where he's going and whom he chooses to work with. Each of the four songs has a slightly different style as if Brennan was trying to find what suits him best.

Game over opens with nice piano/guitar melody and it almost feels romantic till the feel changes. But it still remains a personal and honest song.

You and I feels like the real hit from this collection of songs. If nothing else, this song is a reason why you should pay attention to Iann Brennan.

Unfortunately for the third track All Feels The Same, it may have got lost in the production a bit as it doesn't capture the musician we hear on the rest of the songs.

Talk Of The Town takes us musically back to the first two tracks of this album. This is the song you would expect to hear on a stadium concert.

The overall impression is certainly positive, Iann has a serious talent, the songs are well-crafted and the whole album is a sign of big things to

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