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Hunter - Hungry Heart

HUNTER is a Melodic Hard Rock & AOR band from La Serena, Chile. HUNTER is starting to be considered as one of the best Rock bands in the AOR community, that’s why two important European Rock labels put their eyes on them. Danish “Lion’s Pride Music” and Italian “Frontiers”. Finally, HUNTER signed a deal with the danish label and their album called “Hungry Heart”  sees the light at the end of April 2021. It all started with their first namesake album which had 10 songs. 5 in English and 5 in Spanish. Ed Carabantes,frontman, tells us how it all happened:“HUNTER published their first album (which had to be deleted after signing with Lion’s Pride Music) on all digital platforms (Spotify, itunes, deezer etc.) in April 2018. After two weeks we got an email from a British Rock magazine “Fireworks Rock & Metal” interested in doing an interview, a review of our album and, apart from all that, they told us that one of our songs: “Somebody said love is a lonely Word” would be included as “Track 01” of the CD that came with the magazine. We couldn’t believe it” . A couple of months later, another british magazine, “POWERPLAY” published their review of Hunter’s first release describing both the band and the album as one of the best of the year 2018. Soon, ARFM radio based in London, started playing HUNTER’s songs in the “ The New and Unsigned Band Show ”, conducted by Mr Collin Noble.

All this media noise came to the ears of two European Labels, Frontiers from Italy and Lion’s Pride Music from Denmark. At the beginning, Frontiers showed interest but they never came in touch again. However, the Danish label put a deal on the table for us with clear dates and we couldn’t say no to that. They asked us to record all songs in English and that’s what we are doing now.In 2019, Ed Carabantes was nominated as Best Producer at the Indigo Awards for his work with Hunter and the song “Somebody Said (Love Is A Lonely Word)”. In the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Hunter releases “Rise Up!”, song dedicated to all those people around the world fighting against the disease in hospitals or at home fighting their own battles.. The single is immediately played in radios such as ARFM (England), Metal Crash Radio (Germany) and many others, including “Somosuno Radio” in Perú where the band was elected by the audience as “Top Of The Week Band”.

Hungry Heart kicks off with the title track and with a full force. The energetic drums and guitars- based track sets for the album. Sharp guitar riffs are an unmissable part of the songs.Interesting melody changes in the chorus are ear-catching.

Ed Carabantes' vocal is very pleasant to listen to, a bit uncharacteristically for the genre yet this plays to the band's advantage. The whole album has a 80's vibe, some of the tracks would be a perfect fit to some silver screen classics from that era. You can hear the attention the lead singer pays to his delivery and to the key factor for a singer in general, to be understood. In this case it happens effortlessly and leaves no doubt about his confidence in his capability. The lyrics are quite simple and, as it is custom in genre, deal with all angles and shades of a relationship. Yet in this case, in not too romantic way, there's still certain tension to be felt which only adds to the attraxtivity of the songs. There are also more serious songs (Sad Eyes is the great example of that).

Surprises often come from an unexpexted source. And you'll be definitely surprised how good this album is.

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