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Hotel California - Trust (single)

We all know Hotel California by the Eagles. Some might think this title is way too popular to name a band after it? Maybe, but if you like very much, you name your band after it. That's how Iceland based band was born in 2009.  Back then they recorded an album called „The New Sound Of Folk“. In 2019 Daniel Green, the singer, decided to write new songs, tunes that wanna take you somewhere, especially when you are driving your car. Then Corona hit us all and the lockdown began. Finally time to rethink what we are doing and aiming for. Time for songwriters to let the magic happen.  During the last seven months Daniel wrote 24 new songs. Songs about friendship, how great kids are (at least in their parents perspective), even a track about Donald Trump. You could say it’s Americana. Maybe that genre fits ok. Neil Young or The Pixies are obvious influences. Every three to four weeks with the beginning of 2021 Hotel California releases one new track, 24 songs over 72 weeks. Two full new albums - the “Orange” with more up-tempo songs and one “Blue” with the folk topics.Let’s hit the road and we get carried away to a place called Hotel California!

Trust is a lively guitar and drum-based pop song where the melody brings the sensation of the southern rhytms, makes you move your body along, you feel the warm Sun as you listen. Perhaps somewhere in Spain or whenever you feel like going, at least in your mind. The vocal is easily recognizable, with unique tone.  The lyrics carry an optimistic message of support and encouragement. Some might say there has been a shortage of positivity in the world these days so anyone who brings in just a little bit is appreciated even more than before.

"let us see the world through your eyes, the eyes of a child"

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