Music from the Heart

Hotel California - Lost Love (single)

Hotel California is an Americana project by singer and songwriter Daniel Green, living in a small village in Northern Europe. During lockdown he wrote 24 new tracks, which are released song by song every three weeks starting in January 2021. He loves his life and his life exists within music. Dark moments transform to songs as do the beautiful ones. His biggest shows so far were the Sziget Festival in Budapest and the Vans Varped Tour in the USA. He has produced songs with Ronald Bood (Mando Diao, Kooks).

The crystal guitar opening of the song instantly brightens up the mood. Lyrically, the song combines hope and despair. Green's vocal has a distinctive tone that takes some getting used to for some listeners yet there's honesty in his delivery and that wins the audience over.  As the song develops, you start feeling more and more for him and wishing him the good outcome of his romantic endeavours.

 "Man I had you on the line. Better understanding from time to time.
Always on the verge of letting you go. Maybe I’m someone to be left alone "

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