Music from the Heart

Hotel California - Deadlier Suns (single)

Hotel California is an Americana project by singer and songwriter Daniel Green, living in a small village in Northern Europe. During lockdown he wrote 24 new tracks, which are released song by song every three weeks starting in January 2021. He loves his life and his life exists within music. Dark moments transform to songs as do the beautiful ones. His biggest shows so far were the Sziget Festival in Budapest and the Vans Varped Tour in the USA. He has produced songs with Ronald Bood (Mando Diao, Kooks).

This is both musically and lyrically the strongest release of Hotel California to date. The guitar intro has a warm full sound and when the vocal and drums come in, this turns into a dynamic track with a message that goes beyond just a song lyric. It's a universal message about  how ordinary life brings us down way too often and we probably never try to break free. Or most of us don't. Out of fear of the unknown, fear of breaking the rules, fear of being the black sheep. But you never know what the life holds unless you make that decision and see what the consequences are. The track ends a little bit too soon, could have been longer, the end is quite abrupt. Yet what remains unchangeable is the remarkable vocal of the singer, the unique tone easily recognizable and fitting to the style and to the song.

 "You grow up and eat the words they say.
Copying images of ways things used to be.
Man I've seen Deadlier Suns than ours.
You may go out with me.
Daily work might be shadowing me.
I'm afraid this might be permanant dear"

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