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Hooligan featuring Christy Dignam - Teenage Rebel

They say dream big. Dreams can come true. Who could have known when David Linehan of Dublin punk band Hooligan met Christy Dignam of Aslan 25 years ago that these two would record a song together and share a stage years later. Nothing is impossible if you believe in your dreams.

Justa Nother teenage rebel is a cover of a song originally released by Northern Irish band The Outcasts. Three brothers and two mates who came up with the name after being banned from local venues. Releasing their debut single ‘Frustation’ on It Records in May, 1978 they soon after signed to the Good Vibrations label who released “Just Another Teenage Rebel” in November 1978. The band split in 1980s but after the death of its founder Colin Cowan they got back together again in 2011. With the approval of the remaining Cowan brothers, this is a great single to make all involved known to wider audience.

With Dignam's distinctive voice and Linehan's guitar the track has everything - a message, energy. Christy's voice takes us to what rock'n'roll is really about.

Some might say, hearing the sound of the rest of the songs on this new EP, the sound of the band reminds them of those good old garage bands.This is not meant in a bad way of course. The remaning three tracks are written by David Linehan, the singer of the band and you instantly recognize him as a good writer, not to mention his vocal skills. Hooligan is a band that knows what they are doing and why. A must-listen to all punk lovers out there. And don't you think it's finally time for the full-length album?

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