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Hideaway - Hideaway

HIDEAWAY was formed in 2010 in Athens, Greece by the guitarist Dinos Georgiou (ex- Metallist) and keyboardist Peter Papadimatos. Later on, Harris Georgiou joined the band taking the place behind the drumkit. Over the next years, the band worked on their songs and at the same time they were in search for the rest of the band members which proved to be a very tricky task, especially finding the singer.

Despite all the difficulties, the band members continued on following their dream and in 2016 decided to hire a session singer who would understand their dreams and goals concerning their music. They found Manos Fatsis of Odyssey Desperado, an experienced singer in hard rock and metal and with him the songs finally sounded as the band wanted. in 2018 they signed a deal with Lions Pride Music to release their debut album.

In the meantime, the band introduced themselves to the Greek audience by supporting the likes of Paul Laike, Newman, George Gakis and more.

Opening track of the album, Another Day, is strongly based on guitar riffs and drumbeats, the music seems to be overpowering the vocals and it gets harder to understand what the song is actually about. But whenever there are harmonies in the song, they are really nice and worth paying attention to.

The more songs you listen to from this collection the stronger your impression gets that they are trying to show the world how the melodic rock genre looks like. The impression starts to get better wth Promises where you have a chance to hear for yourself that Fatsis is a vocalist who knows what he's doing.

The themes of the songs are the usual for the genre - relationship and all sides and kinds of it. What prevails is the worse side of the relationship where you can use all the emotions you feel to your advantage when writing a song.

If you're more into guitar solos and all that goes along with it, you'll enjoy the title track Hideaway.

Masquerade is certainly the highlight of the album. Catchy song with powerful lyrics in the chorus  "living in this masquerade, nothing is real, it is all a game..." You will find yourself singing along in no time. A pure melodic rock anthem.

Road to Nowhere is a great track to close the album.  It starts as a beautiful atmospheric ballad with the piano (can you hear the wind before any music starts?) and then develops into another melodic rock classic. It ends as it started, with the piano motive and vocals above it which makes you wish to hear this song as a simple piano ballad.

"nothing holds me down, no games to play...

Overall, it's a rollercoaster of an album where some songs are really well-producted and others may have a potential but got lost somewhere along the way.


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