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Herald K - Wandering Aengus (single)

How best describe Herald K as a musical artist? A Folk Noir singer/songwriter might just capture it. Born in Bergen, Norway, into a family of sailors, he soon set out for other shores, and has since lived in England, Sweden and Austria. His current centre of gravity: Vienna. While his lyrics may allude to ancient poets, they're often conveyed trough a simple 3-chord composition. Traces of Americana are there, yet it has a European feel too. If Leonard Cohen is an influence, Hank Williams and Ovid would have to be mentioned also. Herald K's uniqueness is his way of combining sources of inspiration such as these.

His debut album, 'Strange Delights' was released with Lindo Records (Vienna) in 2019 The second single release from Herald K's album project 'Mythologies'. A musical rendition of a William Butler Yeats poem from 1899. About longing and yearning, the beauty of nature, and never giving up on that seemingly elusive muse...  Lyrical and romantic, and with allusions to Irish mythology. Set to music with a simple combo of guitar, bass, and pedal steel guitar.

Herald K: 'I had liked this poem for a long time. One day I got to hear an old recording of the poet himself reciting it, at an exhibition in Dublin. That experience opened up something about the profundity and mystery of that text for me, made it come alive... Some years later I started working on my own musical interpretation of it. I laid down a basic guitar arrangement and started to figure out how to sing it, applying my own personal expression. At the end, pedal steel and bass was added, and only then did I feel we had something I could be happy with. The fluid, melodic steel guitar, and the subtle bass rhythms provided what the song needed...'

Putting music to a poem is always a massive undertaking but Herald K knows what he's doing. Choosing a poem by none other than of the giants of poetry might be too much for some but not for the norwegian artist. Centered around Yeats' words, the track contributes to the mysticism in Herald K's work. As if taken straight away from the land of legends and stories, Herald K seems to be right at home in this land of storytellers.

"Now I am old with wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands,
I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands"

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