Music from the Heart

Her English Blood - Only Breathing

A debut that everyone would like to produce. That's the best way to describe Only Breathing by young indie-rock band Her English Blood. The Prague based band put out the album after playing for just one year.

Their sound may resemble The Frames whom they consider their influence but the voice of charismatic singer Zoe Hayter makes it unique and their own. You instantly feel the confidence of a seasoned musician when you hear her sing.

The songs flow easily like the water in the river but full of energy at the same time. Strangers and the title track Only Breathing have the most melancholic feel. When you close your eyes and keep listening, you forget about the outside world, at least for a while. The romantic souls out there would certainly appreciate Sail, with the dominant acoustic guitar and vocals.
Zoe's voice gets your attention on first listen and maintains it till the very last chord.

There is no doubt this band has a potential and we can expect big things from them in the future.

CD artwork by IviArt

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