Music from the Heart

Gypsies On The Autobahn - Rubicon (single)

The four-piece from Dublin is comprised of brothers, lead singer James and drummer Dan Smith, guitarist Niall Mooney, and Gary Quinn on bass. Their debut album Born Brief, released in 2017, had been ten years in the making. Freed up from the pressure of introducing where they came from on their debut, their second album, ‘SUSPENDED’ brings with it a more mature sound and central theme of hope born from moments of struggle. While they admit they write songs in what might be considered a backwards way, music first and lyrics second, it's easy to see that it is born from an understanding between four young men who have been creating together for over a decade. This understanding allows them to continually bring each other outside of their comfort zones.

Rubicon is the third single from their second album  " Suspended."  An atmospheric pop song that deals with the situation where from a conflict can actually emerge good things and in the end you realize the biggest conflicts and arguments are about things not that important even though at the point of the disagreement you might consider it the most important thing in the world.

In fact, such situation, a disagreement between two band members, lead to the birth of this song. The percussion and electric guitar combined with a high-pitched vocal of the lead singer create a hypnotic combination you can't resist. Catchy, familiar-ish sound. One of those cases where one song is just not enough.

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