Music from the Heart

Guy Bennett - The Tallest Man

After years of working on the blues and soul scene in London, English singer/songwriter Guy Bennett moved to Prague, Czech Republic, in 2014. There he kept developing his craft and after forming a band of highly experienced musicians he finally comes with a debut album called The Tallest Man.

The opening track Drive gets in your head with its dominant drums, piano and guitar riffs and the catchy line " shut up and drive."

The title track has sort of a retro feel to it - every artist is influenced by someone so it might be noticed here. This is maybe the appropriate place to mention the roots of this music - Otis Redding, Al Green, The Meters and the Rolling Stones.

If You're a Believer is a country-style stripped down ballad and one of the highlights of the album.  Bennett's rich soulful vocal clearly shows its range here.

Find You Out is one of the most direct songs on the album. The singer seems to be fed up with the relationship and wants it to be over quickly ( "there's bitter in my words and anger in my tongue, every time I talk of you.." ).

Another track that stands out on the album is None of the Above. The backing vocals and bright sound of the xylophone are the main features that instantly catch your ears.

The closing track Hangover smells of a good southern whiskey, you imagine yourself sitting on your front porch watching the Sun go down, maybe even having a drink in your hand. Guy really demonstrates his vocal abilities here. Again. The fiddle ending only adds to the whole atmosphere of the song. Superb.

The overall sound is somehow familiar but at the same time as original as one can get. Sit back, relax and let yourself dive into the beauty of this album.


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