Music from the Heart

Greenshine - Dandelion Seed (single)

Greenshine is a Cork based family trio consisting of Noel Shine, Mary Greene and their daughter Ellie. Their songs cross boundaries between contemporary, folk, roots and self-penned songs. The band is known for excellent musicianship and striking family harmonies. Mary added her talent to the albums of Christy Moore, John Spillane, Frances Black to mention a few. Noel is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, bouzouki, mandolin, traditional whistle) and this had seen him much in demand as a session musician. He and Mary have released 3 acclaimed albums together.  Ellie grew up around music and has been performing since the age of 13. She has been placed among the most exciting young singers of Ireland for many years. Her vocal style is natural and unaffected by vocal trends which makes it timeless.

Dandelion Seed, Ellie Shine's first co-write, is a beautiful track with a country twist (thanks to the strings) and its lyrics summ up Greenshine in its entirety "... we are a family now, somehow we got's understood, it's in the blood..."

There is a hidden meaning behind the title - if you plant a seed in a relationship of any kind and take good care of it, it will grow into something bigger, it will grow into love...

"this love is ordinary magic bean...everyone gets to hold a handful..."

We all know love is the strongest emotion but it has to be taken care of. And this seed Greenshine planted has been taken a very good care of and it grew into something magical. We need a little magic in this chaotic world.

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