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Graham Davy - Fear (single)

Graham Davy are songwriting duo Patrick O'Keeffe (vocals, guitar and keys) and David Ruth (bass and backing vocals). Their lyrics try to find humour and hope in harsh places. Their style draws on a broad set of influences such as Tame Impala,Blur, David Bowie and The Doors, to name a very few. The duo released two singles this year, garnering the attention of John Barker at 98fm, and becoming featured Irish Artist of the week on Ed Smith’s Song of Praise on Today FM.

Their third single Fear, quite a hopeful song, draws on dark experience. Its chilled and catchy exterior belie a tale of personal struggle; A murder ballad where we stalk and kill fear. The seed for the song emerged from Patrick O’ Keeffe’s writing sessions at his home studio. Patrick has spent many many hours using music as an outlet to find balance. Some people hit the gym, others write gems, like this one (as above). His close friend and collaborator: David Ruth, a lifelong musician, and devotee to the craft of songwriting, was intrigued. And so the seed grew, with due attention from the two.

Fear starts on an atmospheric note before turning on a darker side. The deep vocal of the lead singer might be quite surprising for some listeners yet fits the subject perfectly. The dynamic changes in the chorus, the tempo quickens and then slows down again for the verse. From the outside looking in seemingly a chilled out indie rock track carries a deeper meaning.

Artwork: James Loughman

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