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Gozer Goodspeed - Ghosts of the Future & Past

Plymouth, UK-based singer/songwriter Gozer Goodspeed's songwriting is unique - he tells tales of fortune, hope, sadness, and loss in a way that feels entirely his own, and yet wholly relatable to everyone. Weaving elements of folk, blues, rock and psychedelia together across an impressive back catalogue of EPs and albums, Gozer is no stranger to making music characterised by the way it makes you feel, rather than the category you put it into. The new album is released under Lights And Lines, a music collective and record label where curation sits at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to share new and exciting music from the underground with music lovers everywhere, providing some unique and exciting experiences along the way. They also run Brighton's best live music event, the Off The Record Independent Music Festival.

Ghosts of the Future & Past recontextualises Gozer Goodspeed’s incredible back catalogue for listeners, and introduces some brand new, never-before released tracks at the same time.  This collection has been lovingly put together to introduce you to an artist with an extraordinary voice, a deep love of folk music and storytelling, and a strong affinity for the sounds of the blues. With Ghosts, listeners can deep-dive into Gozer’s back catalogue and immerse themselves in a selection of remastered tracks from all 5 of his recorded releases to date, discovering some ultra rare and previously unheard songs along the way.

The album is a treat for the Nirvana fans, there's striking resemblance to Kurt Cobain's voice and guitar playing yet Gozer Goodspeed doesn't copy the rock legend, he stays himself. The comparison becomes inevitable with the opening track Gambler's Last Day - Remastered ( the album title taken from the lyrics "ghosts of future and past, make a better man built to last"). If you don't believe in reincarnation, you better rethink your views after this.

This record combines old songs with the new ones and live versions, perfectly showing the versality of a songwriting talent. There's a mixture of country, gospel, blues and Americana. Gozer Goodspeed has a warm personable vocal that draws you deep into the world where his acoustic guitar has seen a lot and each string can tell many tales.A live recording has always something special that cannot be recreated in the studio and in the case of Killjoy Bulletin, a stable part of Goodspeed's set, this is true even more, he's never recorded the song in the studio.

We also get a taste of things to come in the form of a demo of a brand new track to be included on the forthcoming album. Gozer Goodspeed presents himself as a skilled guitarist with innovative ideas who plays and sings with feeling. His writing is raw, cutting to the bone, thought- provoking.

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