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Girish & The Chronicles - Rock The Highway

Formed in October 2009, Girish and the Chronicles is a Hard & Heavy band from India. Formed in Sikkim, India and based out of the city of Bengaluru, the band has released an album and 3 singles until 2019 and are known for their electrifying live shows. With heavy overdriven guitars and high pitched screaming vocals, roaring drums and groovy yet technical bass lines, G.A.T.C. is one of spear headers of rock music in India, in the last 10 years. The band has opened for bands such as Hoobastank, Poets of the fall, Destruction and recently toured with / backed the Lamb of God / Megadeth legend, Chris Adler, during his performances in India. G.A.T.C. has been a part of various leading music festivals in India. In May 2019, The band signed with Lion’s Pride Music ; and released their second album, Rock The Highway, in April 2020.

Heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals are certainly a dominant element in the songs throughout the album. It's often hard to understand the lyrics but the singer knows what he's doing regardless. The themes evolve mostly around relationships from all angles and the life as such and the enjoyment of it. The latter is perfectly ilustrated in the opening track which is also the title track, Rock The Highway. If nothing else, it makes you bang the head and dance along. Catchy rhytm wouldn't let you sit still.

The message what the band is probably trying to get out there is summed up in Rock'n'Roll is Here to Stay. The title says it all, don't you think? Could you even imagine the world without music of any kind? what a sad place that would be. This song is a good example of having that  sing-along type of chorus that is so simple yet catchy and easy to remember.

There are mostly heavy tunes with high pitched vocals but we also find exceptions like The Distance Between which sounds like the classic romantic ballad, the keys install slightly sad vibe which might be an intention given the theme of the song. Another ballad-ish song (at least at the start, with the sweet sound of the keys) is Wounded before it transforms into a typical heavy stuff. " We can give it a shot or we can let it go, I really don't think it matters now."

Identity Crisis could be considered a highlight of this collection. The longest of all tracks could well represent the genre, it has everything, signature vocals, innovative guitar riffs, drums steadily holding the beat. And the keys adding an atmospheric dimension to it all.

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