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Ghost of the Pine - Fall to December (single)

Ghost of the Pine is a Folk/Indie band based in Portarlington, Co.Laois, Ireland. Formed in 2018, playing the open.mic scene in Mullingar, Smiddys Bar ,Dublin, The International, Sin É, O'Donoghue's and The Patriot Inn (Jail Break Sessions), playing original sets of 4 to 5 songs. The first on Balcony TV Galway with Sky High and The Gust Sessions with Warm Like The Sun. 2019 saw the band recording their first single Warm like the sun with Echo and Wave studios by Stephen Youste. The single received a great radio support and following the success the band became 3 piece with Wayne Brereton on guitar and Adam Slattery on percussion and brought Ghost of the Pine back to the recording studio for the song Acrylic.Their latest release  Fall to December was recorded with Echo and Wave Studios,  with additional help from Charlotte Kelly on backing vocals and John Davidson of the band Cua on violin.

Do you remember how free you were as a child? No worries about anything, enjoying every moment, exploring the world with open heart and eyes.  How often do you wish to be so carefree as an adult? Hold those memories close to your heart. This is the message Ghost of the Pine try to share with their current release. As it is often the case, the strings bring certain sadness and sense of nostalgia but the overall feeling you get is to slow down. Stop for a while and think of what you have gone through in life, what you lost and gained, everything is part of the journey you are on. Unfortunately, what's once gone will never come back. The strings and percussion and the powerful lyrics create truly haunting track.

" oh the ghost of your youth child shall haunt your memories"

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