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Ger Eaton - Three by Ger Eaton (EP)

Stuck at home (er ..only in a Home of the Year finalist home, 2015) during Covid-19, Ger Eaton, creative director, future planner, musical collaborator and style savant, heeded this advice from his recently self-appointed A&R daughter, 18-year-old Jude, dusted off his old 4 Track Tape machine and is finally releasing his first solo project single, entitled ‘I Thought I’d A Friend’. Jude had noted that while her Dad had worked with Duke Special, Jack L, Mundy, Fionn Regan, and The Pale (to name just a few), appeared on Later with Jools Holland, played Glastonbury, toured extensively at home and in the US with his own bands Las Vegas Basement, The Carnival Brothers and (her favourite) Les Marionettes, he had never released music as a solo artist. “You’re like that old guy...”, she said, “… Brian Eno… you always stand out from the rest.” As creative director and fashion forecaster of 25 years for the chic Robert Chambers Hair Salon, Ger has indeed used his creative talents to turn everything he encounters (including himself ) into a visual kaleidoscope of flair. Now he returns with his 3 track EP "Three by Ger Eaton".

Time It Takes to Fall has that timeless feel that it could have been written decades ago yet feels as fresh as if written yesterday. Eaton has enough space here to let his vocal range be shown and the warmth in his voice gives you comfort.

In Hollow there's a longing in singer's voice. A longing for something missing.The whispering vocal adds the sense of intimacy. The lyrics paint a vivid picture before our eyes

"Have you ever felt the sea

As you’re resting in the shallows

And the waves are rising? Is there a higher grace"

I Thought I'd A Friend changes the mood yet again, there is nostalgia and sadness, enhanced by the string arrangement and the emotions can be felt in the vocal delivery too. The singer is searching for his place in the world after a dramatic shift ("Now everything that I was thinking of is wrong What I was living for is gone"). The eternal question regarding the relationships remain: are the sacrifices worth it when we give everything and the other person just takes and never gives? And all we have left is a broken heart.

Ger Eaton puts all his experience into these songs and the result is warm like an embrace and  pleasant as a company of an old friend.

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