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Gavin Murphy - Break Down Every Door (single)

Living in the west of Ireland, Gavin Murphy hails from Dublin's North side. He's the lead guitarist and band manager of the successful Smiths tribute band These Charming Men, which he formed in 1995. Working as a session guitarist, both live and in the recording studio, led Gavin to writing songs of his own. His debut album "45 RPM (Replay Past Memories)", released in 2020, was highly praised by Hotpress, RTE Radio 1, RTE Entertainment and many more. He has also performed at numerous gigs and festivals such as Electric Picnic 2022, Whelans and even performed a live acoustic session on Ocean FM and was a finalist for the Irish Music Month 2022.

Gavin's music is inspired by timeless pop songs and melodies and he takes huge influence from the likes of Fleet Foxes, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths and New Order, these influences can be heard throughout Gavin's music and he blends these influences to create his own unique sound.

Now, Gavin embarks on his first release of his collection of new music he's working on. 'Break Down Every Door' , the track is about the frustrations of trying to get your art past the gatekeepers and tastemakers in order to be discovered and heard. The lyrics are also relatable to anyone who is simply just trying to get on in life. The track has a gripping intro before bursting into an infectious, empowering chorus that you won't be able to get out of your head. With a snappy upbeat, catchy drums, distinctive vocals and impressive guitars, this track is sure to make Gavin an artist to watch for 2023 and he is hopeful that it will take his career to the next level and gain some coverage to establish himself more in the Irish music scene and overseas.

The melodic intro of Break Down Every Door is so infectious that you will find yourself tapping your feet from the start even when pop isn't the style you'd usually listen to. Lyrics are the key element of Murphy's work. In this case, the determination and passion for the cause clearly come through. It can serve as a motivation for all artists when feeling down and disillusioned by the industry.

"So drift back to your dream

With your music of the past

You’ve no place in this scene

When you sing with hand on heart"

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