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Gavin Murphy - 45 RPM (Replay Past Memories)

Living in the west of Ireland, Gavin Murphy hails from Dublin's North side. He's the lead guitarist and band manager of the successful Smiths tribute band These Charming Men, which he formed in 1995. Working as a session guitarist, both live and in the recording studio, led Gavin to writing songs of his own. His debut album "45 RPM (Replay Past Memories)" is trailed by three singles. The latest, “Shipwreck Gold,” has been play listed on KCLRFM and was made Ocean FM's Single Of The Week. It follows his début single "My Regret," also an Ocean FM Single Of The Week, and well received across national radio, including RTÉ  Radio 1. The album was co written, performed and produced by Gavin in his home studio in Sligo. His eldest son Daragh  lives in Oslo and is an accomplished guitarist and music producer. He co-produced three tracks on the album, and has played on a number of the songs.

Opening track Into Temptation sets the tone for the whole album.  There is a strong nostalgic feel, the female backing vocal lifts the spirits up a little bit. Whatever you went through in your life, this song takes you back to the good times.

The nostalgy continues throughout the album, What Am I Doing Here? seems like an appropriate title. On a first listen these songs do not seem to fit into current climate but that's the timelessness where you can't really tell when the songs were written and you can listen to them a few decades later and they will still have the same effect on you as they had when you discovered them.

A Curious Thing is a little experiment compared to the rest, starting as a gentle piano ballad, takes the listener even deeper into the history. But nothing is overproduced, each chord and every note are exactly where they should be. The result is evocative, especially thanks to the strings.

They'll Always Let You Down show Murphy's songwriting ability  - saying the simplest of things yet finding a powerful way to express.

" seems to me your words are true, you own my heart, nothing I can do..."

It Beats Living Alone is the most upbeat track on the album and feels the most optimistic too. Once again you can hear some great riffs in there which seems to be a signature element for Murphy's songs.

45 RPM was named an Album of the Week on RTÉ Radio 1. And deservedly so. It's a nostalgic, dreamy collection which skilfully balances different  styles. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink and let Gavin Murphy carry you away from current chaos.

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