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Gavin Fox - Tell Me So (single)

Gavin Fox is an Irish singer-songwriter whose music empowers and uplifts. In the time and space of the 2020 lockdown, he discovered a hidden talent for storytelling through song. Emotions poured out from deep inside him, resulting in some of the most piercingly compelling and honest songs on the island of Ireland in the last year. His writing has already seen him receive national coverage from RTÉ, as well as Hot Press Magazine, Classic Hits 4FM, Red FM, Shannonside, KCLR and KFM, and international coverage from Music Crowns, YMX, London Peaky, Latin Post, Roadie Music Brazil and Nene’s Butler.  ‘Tell Me So’ is the second single from Gavin Fox’s hotly tipped upcoming album, ‘Awakened’.

Heartfelt. Genuine. Profound. These are words which come to mind listening to "Tell Me So".

In a demonstration of the strength of Fox’s songwriting, all is stripped back to a stunningly registered acoustic guitar performance and powerful vocal. What begins with a low rumbling delivery develops into Fox’s notoriously sweet tenor. His words are a plea for the listener to open up, and not to go it alone.

It’s about checking in with each other a little more,” Fox explains. “Despite the image we may portray to the outside world, some [people] are privately facing difficult struggles.”

The right word, at the right time, can make all the difference. And a superficial “How are you?” is not what’s needed. That’s like dipping your toe in the water when someone is drowning. Sometimes we need to dive a little deeper.”

As the days get brighter, it’s a well-known fact that many still face great darkness behind brave faces. Gavin Fox’s invitation is to consider really, genuinely, asking someone how they’re doing today. Honest to the core, this song lends a hand and perhaps even a metaphoric hug to those who find themselves struggling.

"Some live a whole life and they never know

Might be drowning in the water and you dip your toe

Performing like a friend but their mind’s a foe

Could use a little help when they’re feeling low"

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