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Gavin Fox - Lay Down Low (single)

Gavin Fox is an Irish singer-songwriter whose music empowers and uplifts. In the time and space of the 2020 lockdown, he discovered a hidden talent for storytelling through song. Emotions poured out from deep inside him, resulting in some of the most piercingly compelling and honest songs on the island of Ireland in the last year. His writing has already seen him featured on RTÉ (Irish National Broadcaster), Classic Hits FM, Shannonside, and KFM. And his recent single ‘Make Me Believe’ earned him the accolade of being “one of the most compelling new singer-songwriters on these shores,” according to Hot Press. ‘Lay Down Low’ is the first single from Gavin Fox’s  upcoming debut album, ‘Awakened’.

It’s sort of about discovery,” Fox explains. Having picked up the guitar for the very first time at the age of forty, he continues, “I spent a long time in my head, with my own thoughts, at times with fear and anxiety. But then I experienced a kind of awakening, to be honest. I met my true self for the first time and decided I wasn’t going to listen to negative thoughts anymore.”

Lay Down Low is about when negative voices in our minds hold us back, and make us want to hide. “This song is about rebelling against that, fear and anxiety, and not being afraid to be loud about it. It’s about being yourself.”

Gavin Fox is an artist of generosity. Reflective of what’s to come on his much anticipated debut album, his textured and smooth vocal courses along to a cinematic arrangement, complete with an explosive fiddle accompaniment. There is something singularly compelling about Fox’s voice when he relays his message, an authority borne of experience. He explains, “I wanted to say with this song, that we have fire in our soul, and that we have no need to fear. There’s no need to lay down low.”

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