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Gary Ó'Nualláin - Victories (single)

Gary Ó'Nualláin is an upcoming songwriter from West Dublin. He is a graduate of the inaugural class of BIMM Dublin, where he cut his musical teeth with indie alt rockers Casual Friday. His influences include Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Verve, The La’s, and U2. Gary started playing music at age 7 with the whistle. He continued playing trad, and in Céilí bands all through his schooldays. The influence of traditional Irish music can be heard in his compositions, with their punch the air rebel defiance.

His debut single " Victories" is a powerful and dramatic piece right from the start. The bass and drums evoke the feel of the song and when the haunting Irish whistle joins in, adding the trad element, you find yourself right in the middle. In the middle of what's been a grim reality for many young people in Ireland in recent years. They cannot afford to rent a place to live, cannot even find one, many of their friends were forced to emigrate.

The desperation can be felt strongly in the Irish language line "Ach tír gan anam, ní hé sin aon tír meaning "A country without a soul is no country. "

The vocal has a serious tone, highlighting the message of the song, perhaps trying to call others to make a change in the society.

But every cloud has a silver lining as they say and we find this is a chorus that says "here is to all the smallest victories" which applies very strongly to the modern Ireland as well. The Republic has shown to the world major changes can be done by allowing same sex marriage or repealing the 8th amendment. People have the power to change the circumstances and it's the artist's job to observe the world and point out the issues. Gary Ó'Nualláin is a fine example of a songwriter who does this perfectly and with no embellishments.

"Victories" will be released on January 18th 2019.

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