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Fughu - Lost Connection

In 1999 at a school in the neighborhood of Saavedra in Buenos Aires two strangers met on an improvised stage. Playing some Megadeth and Deep Purple’s tunes, they drove the varied crowd crazy. Ariel Bellizio (guitar) and Alejandro Lopez (drummer) would never been separated, even though they were thrown out of school after the episode…A ten years old Marcelo Malmierca, son of an unknown jazz drummer, went mad while listening to King Crimson, ELP, Van Der Graaf and Astor Piazzolla and lost his mind years later making his own synthesizers hoping to reproduce the sounds that they left in his head.Juan Manuel Lopez known as the argentinian with the widest knowledge about KISS, loses his composure after listening to “Sheer Heart Attack” by Queen. He’s currently studying life and work of David Bowie while playing bass.Santiago Burgi, a well known Opera singer, also a great fan of heavy metal give the edge in the voice roll.Fate brought them together under the name Fughu.

The melody of an opening track of their new album Lost Connection, Peggy, brings a dark devilish vibe into play. There might be some listeners imagining fire while listening to this. A perfect anthem for taking control of the world? Lyrics about reanimating a corpse strongly remind us of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

The following tracks continue with the dark atmosphere. Call Now! is addressing some of the issues of recent times. The words " refugees are calling for your cash" stuck somewhere in the listener's mind. This doesn't show any attitude or approach of any kind. It's the dute of an artist to highlight the issues around them. Some being more sensitive than others.

Stay shows the versatility of the band. It's as different from the rest of the album as it gets. Starting as a slow piano ballad, calming everything down. The tinkles of the piano enlight the mood, despite the lyrics telling a different story with the lines such as "we have been lost inside"  or " I try to sing now I know your dreams don't belong to me"

The Goat sounds like an ancient ritual. Like a shaman emerging from the jungle with an important revelation. A revelation that's gonna change the world as you knew it.

Presenting influences of all kinds on this album, Fughu are showing their potential and their strength. The slower tracks are a bit surprising for hardcore fans of the band but as we mentioned, it's a craft of its own being able to compose different genres. And often necessary to show the abilities in their entirety.

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