Music from the Heart

Frank Vestry - My collection

Frank Vestry is considered one of the finest vocalists in the AOR/melodic genre. My collection is a fitting name for an album that summs up three decades of Vestry's career.

The twelve chosen songs comprise a great selection and give a listener a complete picture of Vestry's abilities. Skilled vocalist and writer (see the well-crafted rhymes in Gone as an example)  the songs vary from lighter to deeper ones (Gone, Dancing Girls).  Some of the powerful lines in the latter  really stop you in your tracks, for example " ever since you were a little girl you tried to get your daddy's attentionyou did everything you could just to try to win his affections."

When You Grow Up seems like a simple song, asking that typical question we all heard as early as elementary school but the song carries a message that makes you realize you can achieve anything in the world if you set your mind to it. The life is yours and it's up to you what you're gonna make of it.

Starcrossed comes right from the silver screen of the 80s. The lyrics are quite simple once again and the guitar riffs are instantly getting your attention.

There are classic elements in the songs that define the genre Vestry represents, heavy guitar riffs, lyrics centered around relationship in many forms and the ever-present drums.  But there is something for everybody on this album. In fact, this is a compilation from various projects but it's so well put together you don't notice that.

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