Music from the Heart

For the love of music (Anna's Anchor and Bob O'Keeffe)

There are nights when it doesn't matter how many people are in the room, sometimes less means time for more intimate songs and you feel like in someone's living room. This was the case of the Saturday night, June 3rd in Stara pekarna in Brno where the Irish songwriters Bob O'Keeffe, from Wexford but currently based in Prague, and Marty Ryan, also known as Anna's Anchor (from Limerick), were the stars of the night.

With not so many people in the room, the feeling of the night was relaxed but some artists might feel more nervous on nights like this than with a packed house.

Bob O'Keeffe's set was full of energy and the listener got the impression he might not even need a microphone. He knows his trade, learnt on the streets of Ireland and you don't doubt that when you hear him sing.

Anna's Anchor followed and he also immediately caught the attention of the listeners with lyrics that go deep below the surface and as he himself says each song has a meaning and a sense of purpose. You can get an instant idea about the honesty of the songs when you hear a line like "as a father, you had to turn your back on your daughter". It sends chills down your spine. But Marty made the audience laugh when telling stories from his travels, for example about last time in Brno, staying in a hostel with a weird guy from Croatia following him around all night or about playing at the islands of Ireland and the different feel each and every one of them has.

He was nicely surprised about the atmosphere of the night, so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

An inspirational evening where two great acts shared their love for music.

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