Music from the Heart

For Adio - Recipe (single)

For Adio are a modern influenced music group with a Pop/Rock style  from Carlow formed in February 2018. The band had 4 days to practice 40 songs for their first gig. Since then they won the National Battle Of The Bands in Athlone to support legendary Bagatelle and Aslan. That's a well deserved success. More than many rising bands could wish for.

The debut single of this new band is called Recipe and starts as an atmospheric track before transforming into a pop track sounding slightly familiar. Whether it reminds you of something or not, the band maintains their style, strong catchy melody. Is that a sign of what's to come for these emerging artists? Without doubt.

In most cases there will be someone who would say the song reminds them of something else, that being melody-wise or lyric-wise or just the general vibe of the song. What makes it a real craft and original, different from others, is the simple act of investing yourself into your work, putting a part of yourself in, leaving your mark there, unique as a fingerprint.  And that's exactly what For Adio are doing.


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