Music from the Heart

Fionn Marum - Before I Get Home (single)

Fionn Marum is a 23 year old country music singer/songwriter from Portlaoise, Co. Laois. He began writing songs aged 17 and was invited to sing live on Midlands 103 on his 18th birthday. Since then he has performed many shows, supporting many acts, most notably Alabama 3 and Christy Dignam in the Dunamaise Theatre in January 2020.

Before I Get Home” is the debut solo single from Fionn. It is a song about love and loss, and the feelings that go with those things. It is a heartfelt acoustic ballad with lyrics that many could potentially relate to. Moody and evocative track starts with the words "I never meant to break your heart". There is a sadness, nostalgia, perhaps regret, throughout the song. Fionn Marum's vocal has the exact deep tone a song like this is asking for.

"They say God bless the broken road

because it's the only way you've got left to go"

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