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Fintan McKahey - Amber (single)

Fintan McKahey is a low-fi indie singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from west Cork, Ireland. His EPs and several singles have achieved national radio play and press acclaim. He has performed headlines and showcases in major venues across the country. Though Fintan loves performing, his true passion lies with creating in the studio. He creates music that is spacey, chill, and at times experimental and psychedelic.

Since the onset of COVID, he has been busy building Ivy Hill Studios. He was named a Hot Press Magazine “Hot for 2021” artist, performed at the Hot Press Y&E Series, and did some successful ticketed live streams. Recently, Fintan made it to the final five of Hot Press’ radio initiative, ‘Irish Music Month.’ Out of 125 artists shortlisted, he was selected by Cork’s 96fm, which resulted in an outstanding performance at the final showcase in the Academy. Cork’s 96fm ‘A New Local Hero’ winner proved a hit at the competition’s live final in November in The Academy, Dublin. The lo-fi indie singer-songwriter started playing and writing music at a young age, and began releasing original tracks in 2016. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, Fintan is proficient across several instruments and produces all of his own music. 2020 singles ‘Platinum’ and ‘Goodbye’ showcased intense vulnerability, while 2021’s ‘Lost Balloons’ elevated him to the next level.

Fintan McKahey now releases a new single “Amber” . The delicate indie/folk song features Fintan’s signature sincere, brooding vocals, panned wide for an intimate listener experience, as well as slick production and reflective ambient sounds. Fintan describes it as, “A love song through & through.” He says, “I was stuck in a rut for months, until my partner and I got the unexpected news that we’re going to have a baby.” He goes on to say, “After that everything just started flowing, it felt like I finally had something to say again, intensely inspired by awaiting our baby boy and writing this song for the woman I love.” The song features Kealan Kenny on pedal steel and Fintan himself on drums, giving it a more folk feel than his recent releases.

If you are looking for an honest song to warm your heart, look no further. This intimate, deeply introspective melody will soothe your soul. The love in McKahey's vocal is almost palpable. The ambient sounds are a sound healing therapy, banishing all bad things. You don't doubt a single word. You feel it. The honesty resonates.

"Take time if we step right

Make sure we see the headlights

I find that inside"

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