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Finnian - Where We Go (single)

Finnian is a songwriter from Dundalk, Ireland. Over the last number of years he has toured extensively throughout his home country and Europe. He recently supported David Keenan on his Irish tour and is now releasing the first single 'Even Flow' from his fourth coming album Under The Influence. Finnian started out as a folk based singer- songwriter renowned for a strong and dynamic vocal. He has been praised by peers in the industry and audiences throughout Ireland and Europe for his honest, clever and thought provoking lyrics and although playing as a solo acoustic based artist is something that he thoroughly enjoys and executes with a passion and energy that has received critical acclaim he decided to add another dynamic to his music.

Just over a year ago he put together a band of greatly accomplished musicians in their own right and submerged himself in the hunt for a new sound. Something that would merge lyrics and music more consistently. His first full album Under The Influence due for release in summer 2019 is the embodiment of two years of hard work and is a hugely ambitious yet solid projection of that sound he was searching for.

The brand-new single Where We Go starts as an atmospheric track. The drums have the leading role through the entire song. The brass section adds quite surprising but exciting element to the song. Finnian's vocal is confident, there's integrity in his delivery and certain familiarity of its tone eventhough you hear him for the first time.

The song ends with a bluesy guitar and you only wish that could last a little longer. Finnian certainly presents himself as a rising talent with great potential, capable of hiding a powerful message into a few lines ( "Can we toast the good life for old times sake"). It only heightens the anticipation for the album.

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