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Ferguson and Hanley - Mud Flows Down the River (single)

Gary Ferguson (USA) and Fintan Hanley (Ireland) have both received plenty of praise and considerable airtime for their respective recent track releases on the Irish side of the Atlantic Ocean. Now they team up after meeting through the Transatlantic Music Network, a Facebook music group that Gary hosts. A network that culminated in the release of his Ferguson’s Farewell album, a collaboration with some of Ireland’s finest songwriters including Mary Greene, Errol Walsh, Gillian Tuite and Charlie McGettigan to name but a few.  Gary and Fintan began a whirlwind writing and recording session. Voice memos were sent, lyrics and mp3's were emailed back and forth. They moved quickly but carefully through the whole process. Before they knew it, the song was born.

"Mud Flows Down The River”, a song influenced by man made disasters of the world, most notably the eradication of the passenger pigeon due to deforestation and the Dust Bowl. A song that pulls the pond even closer with it’s American bluegrass boat gently moving under its melodic Irish sails. Together they highlight man’s wanton destruction.

‘Mother Nature’s crying, It’s just ourselves to blame’

Gary Ferguson is a longtime resident of southeastern Pennsylvania, a natural singer, songwriter and guitarist who has been a mainstay of the bluegrass and Americana scenes since the 1980s. In addition to the Gary Ferguson Band, Gary has recorded or performed with such distinguished bluegrass musicians as Ronnie McCoury, Robbie McCoury, Mike Auldridge and many others. 

A five-time finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at MerleFest, Ferguson is an acclaimed songwriter best known for the Larry Sparks hit, “Last Day at Gettysburg,” which has been recorded around the world from Japan to France and the Czech Republic.  

Fintan Hanley is a songwriter, musician and founding member of popular Irish band Vickers Vimy.  He is noted for the songs “Keep Your Eye On The Road” and the recent RTE number 1 single “Where The Wildbirds Sleep”. Fintan also performs with Puddletown Suite No. 3, and Lemonade Marinade. Over the years he has shared the stage with The Hothouse Flowers and John Martyn among others.

The opening of "Mud Flows Down The River" comes straight from the prairies of the American Frontier. Lyrically, it's an environmental call to action,  nature's cry for help. The violin adds an extra layer of sentiment and extra depth to the lyrical intensity.

"The forest was our home but you cut her apart
You killed all the trees for the money"

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