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Fergal Nash - Spite Doesn't Matter (single)

Fergal Nash is a singer/songwriter who hails from Limerick, Ireland. Specializing in catchy pop/rock guitar tunes along with quieter ballads. He released his well-received debut album “Take It Over” in 2013 (“Rather Excellent” Alan Owens, Limerick Leader.)  and "Pieces of Everything"  is his second offering, released in 2015 & featuring a rawer more direct sound, but retaining the melodies & axe hooks. He now releases his new single “Spite Doesn’t Matter”.  It was again produced by rising Cambridgeshire U.K maestro Martin John, (who oversaw Nash’s previous 3 singles that have amassed over 50,000 Spotify streams!) “It’s an anti-begrudgery and anti- bullying anthem” remarks Nash,  “if you ignore them they lose.”

The song is upbeat, catchy, carrying a positive message. In the world full of negativity and the nay-sayers trying to discourage others from their dreams because they are too scared to follow their own hearts, this song serves like a good motivation to keep going and not to let these people win.

"And the world is green and blue

A sacred gift to me and you

And even when we’re not so sure

You never know what can be whole"

Artwork: Filip Hendrich

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