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Fergal Nash - Healing Curraghchase (single)

Fergal Nash is a singer/songwriter who hails from Limerick, Ireland. Specializing in catchy pop/rock guitar tunes along with quieter ballads. He released his well-received debut album “Take It Over” in 2013 (“Rather Excellent” Alan Owens, Limerick Leader.)  and "Pieces of Everything"  is his second offering, released in 2015 & featuring a rawer more direct sound, but retaining the melodies & axe hooks.

His new release " Healing Curraghchase" is once again produced by rising Cambridgeshire U.K maestro Martin John (who oversaw his last 2 singles “Walking Tall” and "Snapshot").  Nash describes it as “a heartfelt tribute to a beautiful place, that evokes strong childhood memories for me, and heals my aches when I walk there every morning. This song brings the listener on that walk with me.

And he literally takes the listener on a peaceful stroll through nature, you can hear birds singing and water flowing on the track and it only adds to the calm and tranquil vibe. There is, understandably, an element of nostalgia but perhaps it's the personal attachment to the place that encourages the listener to go and see it for themselves.

Sleeve photo: David Lane
Artwork: Filip Hendrich

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