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Erin Ponsonby - Little Town (EP)

Erin Ponsonby is a 22-year old singer/songwriter from Glasgow. She has been gigging for a while and has performed in many famous venues around Glasgow. Her debut EP Little Town follows a story through Erin's life, from break-ups to finding new love. Storytelling is a big part of Erin's music which stems from her love of country music. She started taking songwriting seriously at 16, expressing her life through music.

The four track collection starts with Don't Let Me Drown where the opening sound of the waves undoubtedly catches listener's attention. Ponsoby's high pitched vocal is worth mentioning as well. Clear as crystal waters, confident and passionate in the expression, the young artist shows a big potential. The track ends the way it started, with the sound of crashing waves. Lyrically, the song deals with the disappointment of being let down by someone.

Getting Over You deals exactly with what the title suggests. Love and moving on after a finished relationship. There are more pop elements in the song.  " I gave all my love, all my trust but it's not enough... Everytime you call me you will be wasting your time....".

Love Like the Movies demonstrates Ponsonby's love for country music. This song has the strongest country sound of all four. The romantic theme of looking for new love, is presented nicely, without too much sentiment. This would suit all the romantics among the listeners. Those who know that the ideal relationship doesn't exist in reality, you'll just have to find what fits you best.

Northern Lights changes the mood yet again. This time, it's a full band sound and more upbeat melody. Ponsonby is introducing herself to the music scene as a versatile artist capable of writing and performing gentle romantic ballads on one hand and more dynamic numbers on the other. The lyrics of this song explore the adventures within a new relationship.

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