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Eoghan Moylan - I Love It When You Lie To Me (single)

The Galway based singer-songwriter was born and raised in Connemara and spent most of his early life surrounded by traditional music and dance from family and friends. From sessions in his Granny's kitchen to teaching himself piano on a dodgy old keyboard his sister owned, Eoghan has been a musician since the beginning. Eoghan has said his goal in life is to be the best storyteller he possibly can be, using whatever tools and mediums he has available to him to reach his maximum potential. He studied software engineering in college where he grew to love digital synthesizers and immediately began incorporating them into his music, leading to the sound he has today. During his years in college he also developed a love for visual arts and, when possible, he designs cover art and creates music videos for all his projects.

I Love It When You Lie To Me, the alt-pop and indie-synth-rock tune is about paranoia and struggling with the toxicity it creates in relationships. He wrote the melody and music while trying to deal with his flooding apartment in Granada. It took a few months to finish the track as he wanted to capture the feeling of constantly second guessing yourself and your partner as best as he could. The paranoid theme of the track etched in the moody lyricism alongside the indie-synth production showcase Eoghan Moylan’s effortless musical talents from the outset. The feet thumping, heart pounding sleek intro embraces the perfectly paced track alongside the stellar instrumentation. The backing vocals in the track’s last lap create a dizzying, spirariling finale leaving the listener on a high.

"I talked to your friends and they said you were fine,

No problems here just your wandering mind"

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