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Eoghan Moylan - Dark Disco (single)

Eoghan Moylan is an alternative pop artist from Galway, Ireland. He was born and raised in Connemara, and spent most of his early life surrounded by traditional music and dance. Eoghan went from impromptu sessions with family and friends in his grandmother's kitchen, to learning the piano on his older sister’s broken old keyboard. He has never looked back since. Moylan is a storyteller at heart. Studying software engineering in university led him to discover digital synthesizers, which he has used to craft a uniquely electronic narrative voice in his music. A talented visual artist in addition to his songwriting and production abilities, he personally handcrafts the visuals and videos for each of his songs. Dark Disco is his debut single.

He carries himself with humility, but his songs bear the mark of someone who has logged long hours meticulously poring over their details, to get them just right. Dark Disco is the alternative pop artist’s long awaited debut, ever since he began by sharing highly creative covers online.

Dark Disco is a song about learning to let go. “I wrote it while isolated, in my old estate in Galway City,” Moylan explains. “But I recorded it a year later, out of a spare bedroom, while I had the chance to travel around Granada.” The result is a song situated mysteriously - right between loneliness and the excitement of connection.

Moylan’s lyrics tell a seemingly simple tale: a man meets a woman. She shows him how to capture fun, life, thrills, before it’s too late. Yet the whole tale is navigated with wordplay that is charmingly winsome and witty. “She’s a mythical creature,” Moylan sings, “never made it to the ark.”

A smooth and easy electric guitar strums beachy chords to Moylan’s tenor to open the song. Soon clever pop percussion is added, as well as more distorted guitars, and cheerful brass in the chorus. The track overflows with intelligent dynamic choices, before concluding with a heart-warming hook, “If you’ve got my back, I’ve got yours.”

Eoghan Moylan has created a song which invites its listeners to shake off self-imposed chains, and say yes to a bit of adventure. His lyricism and music work hand-in-glove; they demonstrate the strength a new Irish artist who might just have the potential to be the whole package.

"If we show up late boy we'll never get in

You can drink what you want as long as you're drinking gin

She said, show me your vices unveil all of your sins

And a moment’s never lost you can still claim it as a win"

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