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Eoghan Moylan - All I Want is Money (single)

Eoghan Moylan is an alternative pop artist from Galway, Ireland. He was born and raised in Connemara, and spent most of his early life surrounded by traditional music and dance. Eoghan went from impromptu sessions with family and friends in his grandmother's kitchen, to learning the piano on his older sister’s broken old keyboard. He has never looked back since.

Moylan is a storyteller at heart. Studying software engineering in university led him to discover digital synthesizers, which he has used to craft a uniquely electronic narrative voice in his music. A talented visual artist in addition to his songwriting and production abilities, he personally handcrafts the visuals and videos for each of his songs. He released his debut single, ‘Dark Disco’, to nationwide acclaim in April 2022. ‘All I Want Is Money’ is his second single.

Eoghan Moylan’s story is one of a man who has worked for his sound. A producer as well as a songwriter and artist, each element in his work is deeply personal, and has been crafted thoughtfully by him.

Speaking on his new single, Moylan says, “It’s about losing who you are to greed.” The idea for the song came from an afternoon his family spent watching old videos his father had taken of them playing in his grandfather’s field. “While watching I kept having the same persistent thought: ‘Where did that carefree version of me go?’ For a few days afterwards it was all I could think about.”

So I decided to write this song. It’s about gradually having the magic and wonder of childhood replaced with cold, heartless greed.”

Moylan isn’t unaware of the uncomfortable nature of the themes he delves into, making them sweet through his clever blend of infectious alt-pop. “It’s about trying to be honest, for me. I've tried to be as honest about my own feelings of greed as much as I can, as well as pull inspiration from those who's greed has been a little more glamorous than mine!

" Scream, at the top of your lungs, songs nobody sings"

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