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Emma Langford - Quiet Giant

A folk guitarist and singer-songwriter from Limerick in the west of Ireland with the soul in her distinctive vocal. Delicate guitar work complements an intuitive sense of melody. Emma Langford’s insightful penmanship combined with a cheerful stage-demeanor prove a winning combination, creating an engaging live presence. She has to date shared a stage with globally renowned artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Hudson Taylor, Mary Black, Phil Coulter, Mundy, Eddi Reader, Mick Flannery and Declan O’Rourke.

In 2016 Emma successfully crowd-funded and launched a debut EP, simply titled “Emma Langford”, which was toured across the country.
In 2017 Emma Langford was voted “Best Solo Female Artist” by Pure M Magazine and was listed as a Hot Press Magazine one-to-watch in the summer of 2016.

The title track would be a perfect soundtrack to a meditation. The strings only highlight Emma's fragile voice.

Tug O'War got recently re-released. Beautiful gospel-sounding track that speaks about the voice of anxiety in the back of your head not letting you stop from achieving your goals and your potential. 

All You Want is slightly romantic piano track that perfectly showcases Emma's distintive vocal.

There are different genres on the album but only to confirm Emma is comfortable singing all of them. The band gently accompanies the tracks, not exagerating anything, let her be the leading force of the songs. She is well-aware of the fact she's there to serve the songs and to deliver them the best way she possibly can. And she does that in a convincing manner that leaves no doubt about her abilities. Everyone knows what they are doing and such approach only leads to a bigger impact of the lyrics.

Emma has already established herself among the important figures on the Irish music scene. With this album she presents herself as a great storyteller and singer with remarkable voice. We can only look forward to hearing more exciting new stuff from her in the future.


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